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Our island extends, abundant in greenery and rocks, completely surrounded by crystal-clear seas perfect for a dive. Here, one can discover immersive gaming experiences and partake in events and exhibitions.

5 Km

721 meters tall stands The Tower, the skyscraper at the heart of Aenchanta, housing the most valuable assets of our partners. Its slender, futuristic design towers over the island, a commanding presence.

721 m

The Garden, the vibrant core of the entire skyscraper, is an expanse of opulence. This hall, with its exquisite finishes, welcomes visitors, ushering them into a magical and ever-expanding experiential journey.

1700 sqm

The customization opportunities of our spaces and the achievable experiences are tailored to welcome international luxury brands and our partners.


Aenchanta is a place, a space, a moment in time. It's our island amidst the sea, a haven to gaze into the future and encounter brands that make a difference.

A luxury tower in a tropical island

Jade boutique opened in 2018 in Lugano for passion and as a realization of an entrepreneurial dream. We aim to share our experience with all lovers of jewels, precious stones, watches and luxury accessories.

Jade Lugano



Salvatore Como srl was founded in 2007 when Salvatore Scibetta decides to turn his twenty-years knowledge gained in the service of the most prestigiuos jewelry firms, in his own company that reflects and reproduces completely his ideas of jewel. 

Salvatore Como



We present exclusive world-famous Watches, Jewellery and writing Instruments in an excellent ambiance. We are pleased to welcome you in our Boutique in The Chedi Andermatt. From traditional brands to modern ones, we offer everything under one roof.

Andermatt Swiss Watches



Some of our partners

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Reach out to discover all that Aenchanta offers and bring your brand to the island, organize an event, or explore the endless advertising possibilities.

Explore some of the solutions we've crafted in Aenchanta to accommodate our brand partners.

Luxury solutions, for luxury brands

Temporary event location: a flexible space designed for short-term customization. Ideal for product launches, content creation for advertising campaigns, or any other event need. This adaptable venue allows you to temporarily transform the area to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a unique and impactful experience for each occasion.

Temporary location 

Introducing our full floor customization: an entire level of The Tower dedicated to your brand, offering advanced personalization options. Here, you can create interactive gaming experiences and anything else your heart desires, tailoring the space to perfectly reflect your brand's essence and vision.

Full floor customization

Our pop-up stand, a pre-configured and fully customizable space where brands can promote a product, incorporate images, videos, cinematics, audio, and anything that fosters interaction and engagement with their audience. This is our foundational solution for involving brands that want to be a part of Aenchanta.

Pop-up stand

Our luxury custom products and vision, a magic journey from hard luxury to gaming experience.

Customize your avatar with your own products

Coming soon

Visit our store on Ready Player Me and use our wearables in more than 9K games.

​+39 366 684 3317

Contact our team for more information about Aenchanta and the myriad partnership opportunities and synergies between your brand and our island. To be eligible for Aenchanta, brands must have a minimum annual revenue of 5 million USD and operate in fashion, high-end jewelry, or the general luxury goods sector.

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Contattaci per scoprire tutte le opportunità di Aenchanta e portare il tuo brand sull'isola, organizzare un evento o scoprire le infinite opportunità pubblicitarie.

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